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HRH Princess Alexandra visits Flat Spaces

Charity Aim

Tom has organized numerous events for the less-abled and is well aware of their requirements for overnight stays. Staying away from home can be a stressful experience for the severely disabled as the specialist facilities they require are either not available or often of a poor and variable quality.

Indeed research has shown that many severely disabled persons never go on holiday because of the fear of being unable to cope. Tom recently built a new home and wanted to ensure it fully accommodated his frequent wheelchair visitors. This got him thinking about how to design 'state of the art' self-contained accommodation for wheelchair users. From these design musings Tom gradually evolved the concept that is Flat Spaces.

The aim of the charity is to provide purpose built holiday and respite accommodation specifically designed to the highest standards, for the disabled, their careers and families. Each property will be internally identical, whilst taking the local style externally, to give the traveller the confidence of knowing exactly what to expect from a Flat Space holiday. The Charity will be looking at securing funds to construct the properties, and in addition raise funds to ensure that those that require financial support, can also benefit from a Flat Space holiday.